Ikoon Road Squared

Keep your customers satisfied

In today's global market, production and consumption may be world's apart. Customer satisfaction depends on how smoothly your logistic chain moves.

The Sany group is your guarantee that your goods end up where they belong, on time and in good shape. Whether you produce toys, household appliances or other consumer goods or you market chemicals, non ferro materials, seeds, paper or wood, our fleet of container and trailer trucks brings them to your markets all over the European continent.

Road transport is by far the most reliable way to get your goods to your customers. 

Container transport in Europe

We have our own fleet of container trucks and frames and a team of highly trained drivers (most of them are fully ADR certified). We carry your goods in FCL containers (Full Container Load).

Intermodal solutions 

Beyond certain distances, intermodal combinations of road transport with rail and/or barges, become economically interesting. The Sany group can offer you various possibilities.

Shuttle service 

Next to standard transport services, we specialize in shuttle service, i.e. we deposit our frame with the container at your site and immediately pick up another one. This works fast and smoothly.

Trailer transport in Europe

We have our own fleet of trailer/truck combinations and a team of highly trained drivers (most of them are fully ADR certified). We operate in groupage (Less Than Truckload) and full load mode. 

All kinds of goods. All over Europe

We can carry all types and sizes of containers and accept all kinds of goods. Our operational area is the entire European continent, the UK included.

Always in touch with your goods

All our container and trailer combinations are equipped with a GPS and track and trace system. Thanks to this application, our dispatching department is able to monitor the transport in real time and detect the exact location of your cargo on its way to your customer.

Safety, training and compliance

Compliance with all national and international regulations with regard to road transport is part of our corporate culture. To that end, our truck drivers and other personnel concerned get the necessary training on a regular basis.