Ikoon Rail Squared

The right track to your customers

For certain destinations transport by rail outmatches other transport modes in terms of speed and pricing. We have ample experience and good contacts with major railroad companies in Europe and beyond. Where and when needed, we can call on our worldwide network partners for smooth railroad operations.

Needless to say that our multimodal approach takes account of the 'first and the last mile' i.e. transportation from your door to the train and from the train to your customer's door. 

Worldwide rail transport

The Sany group  supports your import/export from and to China with both FCL and LCL containers. With regard to speed and price, rail transport is the middle course between airlift and shipping by sea.


For transport on the European continent over distances longer than 300 km, trains and barges are the perfect multimodal match. They simply are the best choice as to price, speed, sustainability, ecology and the treatability of the goods.

Under certain conditions (e.g. when there is an inland terminal or railway yard in the vicinity of your customer), the combination of trains and barges may also be effective over shorter distances. As a matter of fact, this enables us to offer even better service and it surely is a future oriented transport concept.

As an independent  transport company, we tend to prefer stability and seamless connections over more lucrative, yet less reliable options.